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Electronics components renewal speed up integrated passive technology is hot


As the electronic information products to the digital and network and integration, portable, direction, composite components and integrated passive components has become the main development direction of electronic components. In the face of the fierce international competition, our country electronic components enterprise must rely on independent innovation, so as to enhance the technical level to enhance their core competitiveness.

The information industry is facing new opportunities for development, digital TV, a new generation of mobile communications, the next generation of the Internet industrialization, new flat panel display, automobile electronics applications for the information industry based industry as the core of one of the development of the electronic components with a huge market opportunities, also will face the fierce international competition.

Independent innovation promoting industrial technology level

The national development and reform commission in the "eleventh five-year plan" high technology industry development planning and information industry of the eleventh five-year plan, the scientific development of information industry of the eleventh five-year plan and long-term plan for 2020 years, especially the electronic foundation material and key components in the "eleventh five-year plan" special planning is guide components industry strengthen independent innovation, promoting industrial technology level, and improve the international competitive ability, emphasizing on the development of high-grade chip components, high-grade mechanical and electrical components, new power electronics device, new green battery, sensitive components and sensors, high-grade optoelectronic devices and materials, miniaturization, high frequency components, modules and the key basic materials, environmental protection high density multi-layer interconnection of printed circuit board, flexible circuit board and key material and hybrid integrated circuit, by 2010, new components of electronic information such as the core industry scale, some key technologies to realize quadruple the breakthrough, components, materials, special equipment domestic matching capacity enhanced markedly. As the electronic machine to the digital, muti_function change and development, the electronic system miniaturization direction to network and fast pace and the development direction, a new type of broadband components to miniaturization, chip will turn, high-performance, integration, intelligence, and environmental protection and energy saving direction. Small small-sized and chip technology, the passive integration technology, anti-electromagnetism interference technology, low temperature co-firing technology, greening ceramic production technology, the industry has become the focus of technological progress. Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) and the assembly technology high speed development, will promote components function and performance dramatically.

Facing opportunity and challenge, technology innovation decided to emerging market share. Who can race to new materials, new technology, new technology, the commanding heights of the who took the retaining control of the emerging markets. In the electronic components industry, the upgrading of products is accelerating, different product instead of the competition also to speed up. Engaged in the electronic components of the enterprise, if does not understand their own the upgrading of products, may cause the enterprise bankruptcy. Such as jiangxi, have introduced a factory murata first generation of piezoelectric ceramic filter, because do not know the upgrading of products, blind investment of nearly 50 million yuan to expand the scale of economy, behind the product on the day of the opening of the new production line the factories closed, became at the same time, the village of the third generation field launched piezoelectric ceramic filter, performance is better, cheaper, and quickly occupied most of the Chinese TV market.

Because of China's market internationalization, speed up the lack of international competitiveness all components of the product is not the sale, is rapidly shrinking market, components industry enterprise will face new shuffle. Want to have international component market place components industry entrepreneur must have international operation strategy thought, devotes to become an international top manufacturers, rely on technology innovation and improve the international competitiveness of enterprise core technology, introduction, digestion, absorption, and create, form the international first-class technology platform and scientific management system, and attract international first-class technical and management personnel, the industry bigger and stronger.

Saving energy, saving, green and environmental protection has become components industry development trend of unstoppable. February 13, 2003 promulgated by the European Union RoHS in August 13, 2004 to the eu laws and regulations, and in 2006 July 1 st; China on 28 February 2006 nd the electronic information products pollution control management method ", on March 1, 2007 started formally went into effect. China's electronic components enterprise whether from the enterprise sustainable development Angle or the social responsibility of the enterprise, or from the Angle of the product market access point of view, all should actively response, who walk in the front, who is active, and this is the important content of technology innovation, saving energy, saving, green and environmental protection will be the trend of the development of components industry is irresistible.